Days for development


<modifyed ver> Installation of KiCad


I made much progress in March. But, I couldn't write about that progress.

So, I'm going to write about those progresses gradually.

In this page, I’m going to write about installation of KiCad.

1. Why does the foot print editor not move?

I finished to draw circuits for Micro mouse. So, I’m going to make foot print for some SMD chips.



But, the foot print editor didn’t work.


Why? Did I fix the problem?

2. Reproducibility

I tried to fix the problem by a past mean.

After that, it only works at once.

I found rules of reproducibility. This editor can work after changing a path. If KiCad restarted, foot print editor doesn’t work.


Finally, I did re-install KiCad from original web site.

After installation, I changed language into Japanese. 

After that, the problem was solved!

The foot print editor become to be able to work!