Days for development


My challenges and goals for 2017

Happy new year! I’m Developer.

Since it’s been two weeks since the beginning of the new year, I’m going to write about my aims in this blog

Micro mouse

Last year, I made a classic mouse.


List of things I achieved last year.

  • Trapezoidal acceleration and deceleration
  • Introduction of physical quantity in the program

  • Slalom traveling with angular-acceleration

List of my aims for this year.



And I’m going to make a half-mouse!


Now, I’m making a pcb data and CAD data in KiCad and Autodesk Inventor.

List of my aims for the half-mouse in 2017

  • To take part in the final of Micromouse2017.
  • Complete my goals for the classic mouse.

Making games

I’m creating a billiard game from scratch now.

The aim of this game is to master making game objects from scratch. Because I have made only a game with prepared object.



In the future, I’ll report on my progress of the above.

See you in two weeks. Good bye.